Weekly Predictions Of Seven-day-borns by Sayar Htun

[Fortuneteller and Palmlist A Wai-yah Sayar Htun, Student of Sayar Gyi Min Thein Kha]


Money income from unexpected source. You have many lovers and you are popular. You may hear good news from families and relatives. If you were staff, you may have promotion, wave transfer. Persons who do not give you advantage, may arrive your house – Good contact, Good news from abroad. White color wear is lucky for work


Cold/ Cough/ Running nose Potential.

Love : You may meet your distant lover again.

To do : Recite 9 “Gontaw” Beads on your Birthday, wish what you want.


Income and expense is not in balance. You may have troubles by your guests. Jealous person, rivals’ attack, you may overcome. Whatever you do, work bravely. You may be honored by your juniors’ success. Machine Goods may be lost or become damage. Avoid long trip. Blue color wear is lucky for work.


Health : You may get Cold/ Cough/ Running nose.

Love : Misunderstandings between you and your lover.

To do : Throw away out old and form not use things from your house.


You may have fruits of your effort. Job exam pass luck. Gambling may give you trouble. One by one your family members have ill health. Much expense foreign trip is fine. Orange color wear is lucky for work.


Health : Stomach pain

.Love : You should value your lover’s Loyalty.

To do : Listen and recite Buddha Pahtaan Preaches on your Birthday.


Promotion/ Work transfer is potential. You may face problem due to not control able your anger. Throw away old bowls, old bags. Stubborn speaking would be taken awareness. “Words kill, Hands smash you” would be noticed. Engine Vehicles would be handled with care work panther with Tuesday Born. Red Broun color wear is lucky for work.


Health : Take care of your eyes/ears.

Love : Worries for your lover

To do : Donate oil light equal to your age on your Birthday corner on your Birthday, and wish what you want.


You may have a new idea. You may investment capital. You may have good income from unexpected source. One by one, you may have Trip- Much money expense. You may involve in your friends’ social matters. A Business Rival/ a foe may come and work Share-Partner with you. Strawberry color wear is lucky for work.


Health : Stomach pain / diarrhea potential.

Love : You may meet not invited guest-lover and he return without your farewell.

To do : Recite daily a “Gon Taw” Beads.


Life turns. Good remoter news. Loan you paid back. You may have a Trip beyond your will. You may have chance to support a poor sibling/ relative. You may have a strange gift. Dual work and study may give you success. Purple color wear is lucky for work.


Health : Urine, Stomach Problem and Pain.

Love : You may meet a non-serious lover.

To do : Clean inside the Religious Building.


Business may delay and pause. One machinery device may be damage and you may feel distressed. Be patient of jealous persons’ criticism. You may have a good chance alter you take a short trip. You may have support from a friend. Much expense for Family Health. Education, Interview cases may be fine and you may have success. If you were a lottery Hobbyist, When you hear a friend’s Baby, was born, draw Lottery Ticket, No, 84 pair start. Yellow color wear is lucky for work.


Health : Chronic patients may meet good Physician and good drug.

Love : You are a crazy love-chaser.

To do : House Vegetative Diet on your Birthday.

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