Weekly Predictions Of Seven-day-borns by Sayar Htun

[Fortuneteller and Palmlist A Wai-yah Sayar Htun, Student of Sayar Gyi Min Thein Kha]


You will get good new ideas in your work or business. You will get help from superiors. Some repairing in your accommodation will be needed. Your relatives will come and visit. You could get cheated twice. Some misunderstanding can be happened among your friends. You could face with pick pocket. So please be careful.  Your lucky color is pink.

Health : You can get some problems in some parts of your head.

Love : Your love life will be great this week.

To do : Please offer sticky rice and brown slab-sugar to pagoda.


Those who scholar from other country will be success. You will be lucky these days. You could get disappointed because of your son , daughter or inferiors.
You can be cheated by someone these days. Your temper could give damages in
your marriage life. You could be charge with some case by law. You might face some problem in your work. So better not to go out at night. Please wear blue clothing when you do business to be lucky.

Health : Problem with gouty pain.

Love : You can be parted with  your love because of others.

To do : Treat your friends some tea and cakes.


During these days, you may enjoy an inflow of gifts in money or kind. Good news will get from far away. You will reunion with your old friends. Your targeted job will be done according to your inferiors. Your luck to visitor aboard is high. Good changes will be come in your job. Beware of what you say to others. Your wrong way of talking could lead other people angry. Strawberry color could bring you good luck.

Health : You could get some illness often.

Love : Your marriage may get some troubles because of elder persons.

To do : Offter 4 sprout of garden croton and 6 sprout of aurora at your Buddha shrine.


You need to do uninteresting job these days whether you like or not. Your college or sibling will be angry because of you and there may be some arguments. Please don't buy some new machines of its kinds. Take care of your mother 's health. Whoever gave you troubles before will come and help you back. Unexpected lose can be happened . Don't start new business during these days.
Your lucky color for this week is ivory.

Health : Beware of food and medicine you take.

Love : Your love might have some changes in job or location.

To do : Tell beads of nines status of Buddha and donate drinking water


You may need start new business. Your business will be doing great. You will get good condition. Don't take risk in money matters. You may have some legal issues. Your friends or relatives from far way will come and visit you. There will be some lovely family trip. Your lucky color for this week is white.

Health : May got ear problems.

Love : Your love life will be great these days.

To do : On Friday, please feed birds and wish what you need.


Good things and bad things come together in these days. Money ins and outs these days as well. Shared or partner business in restaurant , drug store and business concerning with machinery will be beneficial. You might have some local and international trips. Good news will be hear from long distance relatives.
Yellow color will bring you good luck.

Health : Some stomach problems.

Love : Your love life will be wonderful.

To do : Offer brass bell at your birth comer at pagoda


Within a few days, your will do well than what you expect in every case. Dealer job will be good for you. You may win lottery. When you make up morning, if you hear pleasing sound, buy lottery ticket started with number 14. Local trip will be nice for you. When you do business purple color will bring you good faith.

Health : Be careful with your leg.

Love : Love saturation with disinclined condition will passed.

To do : Offer 17 pieces of pear with china wear to pagoda on your born days.

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