Weekly Predictions Of Seven-day-borns by Sayar Htun

[Fortuneteller and Palmlist A Wai-yah Sayar Htun, Student of Sayar Gyi Min Thein Kha]


Musicians, Arts Performers may have special success and may have fame more. Work place temporary move potential. Take special care for voyage-takers Dizziness. Fever potential communication devices may income. You may have Money income unexpectedly from unexpected person. You may feel annoyed for your juniors and you’re Children. Money error in trade. Take special care. For Lottery Hobbyist search and draw Lottery Ticket no- Ah-35 pair start Lottery Ticket. Do not wear black color when you are working. You should wear white color for work luck.


Health : Stomach pain.

Love : You may meet with your old lover again.

To do : Clean on Pagoda Platform.


You may have new place, new work transfer. Food stuff & ales and Book publishing would make you have good Money income. Much money income in piles. Special success luck on Book-Writers, Book related persons. Giving loan to others, give guarantee would be avoided. Do not discuss with others what you aim, you may have interference. You love with your work-friends deal fine but not approach close. Blue color wear is lucky for work.


Health : You may get cold.

Love : Good news from your lover.

To do : Home vegetative diet one day on your Birthday and recite Gon Taw Beeds.


One by one trouble makers may reach you. Your Share-Partner Business, Trade may be cheated. You may feel annoyed for your juniors. You may pass successfully in Training and interviews. Furniture and Jewelry Goods may income. You may hear good news of your remote friends. Ivory color wear is lucky for work.


Health : Head/Bane-ache.

.Love : Changes may appear in love.

To do : Recite “Gon Taw Kun Char” daily.


Love luck. You may have good news of success and pride related to your lover. Foreign Trip arranging persons may pass their aim. Deal with care related to your friend otherwise wrong words may spoil your friendship. Your money may be cheated, be careful-Money income and expense is not in balance- Much Money expense these days. Green color wear is lucky for work.


Health : Arthritis, Knee-ache, waist pain potential.

Love : For youth Couple, you may feel pleased for your lover.

To do : Donate Buddha with Eugenia “Aung Tha Pyay” branches on your Birthday.


Good luck. Much money income as if you’re with Lottery lucky draw. Government Staffs may have good port in work. Co Interviews may be fine. Foreign Trip arranging persons may delay you may support social words related to your siblings. Take special care a Machinery Goods trade. You may meet Money loss cases. You money have trips often away from your family. Nant-thar (Cream) color wear is lucky fork.


Health : Urine problem.

Love : For youth couple, you may be popular in love.

To do : Donate 3 friends Mont-Hin-Khar (Myanmar Vermicelli) on your Birthday.


Income and expense is not in balance. Unwilling work you paused would be tried again. Stubborn conduct, wrong decision potential. Consider cool and be patient work calm at any matter. Avoid work are form are change these days, Foreign Trip is good. You may have support from Thursday Born friends. Straw berry color wear is lucky for work.


Health : Sudden high fever.

Love : Love is fine.

To do : Donate a towel to an Aged.


You may be misunderstanding these days. You may become pated with your work friends. Clean machinery Goods throw away of sell out bad and damaged. Share-Partner Business Contract Binding cases are not certain. Foreign Trip arranging persons may be fine. New Job-searchers may be hesitated and delay lends. Heritage cases argument potential. White color wear is lucky for wok.


Health : Gastric pain.

Love :Your lover may misunderstand you with doubt. You may have problem with your spouse.

To do : Donate 7 white umbrellas at Saturday corner in the early morning Saturday and wish you good luck.

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