Screening of Film on Myanmar’s Jade Trade Cancelled
MEDIA May 29, 2017
A hotel in Myanmar abruptly cancelled a film screening by a non-government body, Global Witness, that is critical of the role of the military in the lucrative jade business and its im­pact on a diffi... 2
Thilawa SEZ attains over US$120million FDI in two months
BUSINESS May 29, 2017
Over US$122million of foreign direct investments flowed into Thilawa Special Economic Zone (SEZ) so far in the current Fiscal Year 2017-2018, under previously permitted investments by Myanmar In... 3
New four-lane concrete road to be built near Goteik Viaduct
GENERAL May 29, 2017
THE Ministry of Construction said it is working to build a new four-lane concrete bridge, 800 kilometers away from the Goteik Viaduct, the most famous bridge in Nawnghkio Township in Shan State.... 8
Yangon takes legal action against nearly 30,000 vehicles
GENERAL May 27, 2017
The Yangon region government took legal action against nearly 30,000 vehicles which are parked on public roads for long periods, it is learnt.... 63
Yangon takes legal action against nearly 30,000 vehicles
BUSINESS May 27, 2017
The house rental market in Yangon has declined lately, but the apartment rental market is growing.... 52

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