Sacha Inchi experimentally cultivated in Sagaing Region
BUSINESS Feb 23, 2017
Sacha inchi (Plukenetia volubilis) is being experimentally cultivated on a manageable scale in Kanbalu, Kyunhla, Monywa, Bamauk, Pale and Homalin townships in Sagaing Region, and there are about... 18
Myanmar´s mango planned to penetrate Russia market
BUSINESS Feb 23, 2017
Myanmar’s mango is being planned to penetrate the Russian market, said a local association for technology and market promotion of Myanmar’s mango. ... 20
MP submits motion to hike state lottery jackpots by 10 per cent
GENERAL Feb 23, 2017
At the 12th day meeting of the 2nd Pyithu Hluttaw 4th regular session yesterday, U Win Aung, parliamentarian of Momauk constituency put forward a motion urging the Union Government that out of 4... 19
High US dollar index hiked up exchange rate
BUSINESS Feb 23, 2017
The high US dollar index hiked up the exchange rate in the domestic currency market, fetching Ks1,368 per dollar on 21st February.... 14
Bo-Bo-Bo locomotives shipped to Myanmar
BUSINESS Feb 22, 2017
CRRC Dalian has shipped a further pair of locomotives to Myanma Railways, and has now supplied the national railway with more than 50 locomotives ordered in five batches... 43

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