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Local grapes cannot compete against imported varieties
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Apr 19, 2017

Local grapes are offered at a reduced price compared to those imported from China and Thailand in the market.
       Prices for locally produced grapes declined by about one third against the foreign varieties.
       In a bid to compete with the imported grapes in the market, grapes of quality and high market demand should be grown, said a vineyard owner of Saepalaegon village in Yamethin Townhsip, Mandalay Region.
       “We need to grow only grapes of good quality in order to grasp a firm market.
       We need to switch to better grape varieties. Growing techniques with the use of seeds is still lacking in Myanmar.
       Efforts are being made to produce grapes by grafting in the coming grape season.
       Only grapes of good quality can compete against the product from Thailand and China in the domestic market”, he added.
       Black Queen, Big Black, Shweni, Cardinal and other grape varieties are cultivated in Myanmar.
       Currently, there are about 5,000 acres of grape farms across the country.

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