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Rumour claims four domestic airlines stop their services
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Jul 18, 2018

Rumours surfaced that four domestic airlines including Air Bagan and Apex Airlines had stopped their services.
        The alleged four are Air Bagan, Apex Airlines, Asian Wings Airways and FMI Air.
        Deputy Director General Ye Htut Aung from Department of Civil Aviation said on July 16, “It is true that Air Bagan and Apex Air have returned their air operator’s certificates (AOC). The rest have not turned in their AOCs yet.”
        Air Bagan stopped their operations in July 2016. Deputy Managing Director Sao Thandar Noi from Air Bagan said, “According to Section 155 MCAR Part I of Myanmar Aviation Act, the AOC of an airline, if not in operation for more than 60 days, would become invalid. The AOC of the Air Bagan expired in November 2016. So we returned the non-effective AOC to the respective department. We will have to re-apply in line with rules and regulations if our airline is ready to resume flying again. So we asked for the department to allow our airline to apply the AOC in the period when we are ready to fly. We have temporarily stopped our operations.”
        The Asian Wings Airways, one of the airlines rumoured to stop their operations, is still functioning.
        “It is not true that our airline returned the AOC. We are still running our flights,” said PR Manager Yin Myo from the Asian Wings Airways.
        Some domestic flight journeys were removed last year due to low number of aircrafts and loss of profit.
        Some airlines were also flying with on-loan aircrafts from other companies and had since stopped some flights as contracts with the companies expired.

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