Monks stage protest after court denies bail for Shine Htet Aung

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Jan 06, 2017

Buddhist monks led by Magway Pariyatti Monastery Abbot U Pa Mauk Kha staged a protest outside Thingangyun Township Court in Yangon on January 5 because the court denied bail for Shine Htet Aung, who is being sued under section 66 (d) of the Telecommunications Law.
        The hearing was held at 11 am on January 5 and the court decided to deny bail for Shine Htet Aung.
        Shine Htet Aung publicly alleged that some Stray Dogs Lover Group members including Kyu Kyu Thein Lwin (the owner of Ma Q.Queen Facebook account) collected a lot of money from people for stray dogs during the flood in upper Myanmar in 2015 and then misused the funds. And he also submitted the complaint to President Htin Kyaw. Then Kyu Kyu Thein Lwin said that her Facebook account was hacked and sued Shine Htet Aung for allegedly hacking the account, threatening her and stealing photos.  
        Shine Htet Aung was arrested on August 11.
        During 2016, there were nearly 60 cases pursued under section 66 (d) of the Telecommunications Law.

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