Jade Exploit near A Monastery In Phar Kant Driving Ordination Hall Crack To Collapse

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Jan 09, 2017

Jade Exploitation works close to a Monastery in Phar Kant driving Ordination Hall included Monastery Campus Land Crack to Collapse said the news.
        A Co. exploiting Jade at the Bottom in Mawmaung Layan Village at Aye Mya Tharyar Quarter, Phar Kant Township, made the Land crack at close Highland Mani Yadanar Monastery of which inside Monastery Campus start cracked 2 years ago that Ordination Hall and Meal hall in campus facing in danger of Collapse down was found.
        Such event mainly responsible Kachin National Development Co. KNDPC did not taken any responsibility the case for long and it was solved only  on 7th January said the news.
        Such case was negotiated by Pyithu Hluttaw Representative of Phar Kant Vote Region, and to compensate 2500 Lakh Kyat for Ordination Hall Renovation from the Co. was approved already.
        “As the Monastery Bottom round was good for Jade source, they have dug in-depth at the bottom that has caused land erode near Cliff- foot in piece by piece falling down, and when the money was paid, it seems like the problem not concern with them we dissatisfied,” explained U Naung Latt from Mawmaung Layan Village.
As such event driven Mawmaung Layan Village KNDPC excluded in his Live Worksite list, to talk and discuss with Director from the Jade Mines Department (Lone Khin) was arranged said U Tint Soe, Pyithu Hluttaw Representative.
        “Digging under the Monastery, and its Mining explosion at the bottom under Monastery, caused cracks, was considered. 2 to 3 years ago, cracks started that Kitchen included, mainly Ordination Hall in cracks of which the floor affected put into current state.”
        “As all know Ordination Hall could not be establish at the place of like and not Removable Soft Infrastructure. At last, we had the agreement what Villagers requested.”
        “The fact is this Co. was not in the list of Live Co. and I said already that point. I have list sent from Nay Pyi Taw,” said U Tint Soe.

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