US dollar exchange rate dips with lower US dollar index

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Apr 19, 2017

With the US dollar index weakening since 10th April, the US dollar exchange rate fell to Ks1,351 eight days later, according to the local currency exchange market.
       The US dollar index reached 101.22 on 10th April and continued to fall.
       The dollar index was above 100 points before 13th April, then slipped to 99 points.
       The dollar index was on the rise as of early March in the global market.
       However, it was remarkably on the decline in late March. Meanwhile, the US dollar exchange rate in the local currency market was around Ks1,360 between 16th and 27th March.
       The rate decreased to under Ks1,360 from 28th to 4th April.
       The exchange rate was found to experience a downward trend later 6th April.
       After that, it reached three-month low of around Ks1,351 on 18th April.
       The Central Bank of Myanmar scaled down a bit the US dollar exchange rate from Ks1,359 to Ks1,356 on 19th April.

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