Video of snakes mating at Myanmar monastery goes viral

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Jul 14, 2017

A video showing two snakes getting it on in a monastery compound in Daik-U, Myanmar, has gone viral, getting more than 1.
       6 million views since it was posted to Facebook on Monday. The video shows a group of men, including some Buddhist monks, gawking at two snakes that repeatedly wind their bodies around each other.
        Some of the men point out: “They’re mating.” As the men film the spectacle, a monk steps in and coaxes the two serpentine lovers into a basket, hopefully to move them out of the realm of humans and back into nature.
        There is also a second video of the same scene posted by the same person, which has nearly half a million views.
        In this video, a woman can be heard exclaiming: “Scary!” Though we’re not experts, the snakes’ alternating black and yellow crossbands seem to indicate that they are banded kraits, which are commonly found in Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent.
        These kraits appear on the bigger side; the largest one ever measured was just under seven feet long. Though their venom can cause vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and dizziness in humans, the mortality rate from an untreated banded krait bite is between just one and ten percent because they tend not to discharge a lot of venom when they bite defensively.
        In this case, the snakes seem to have been too distracted to bite at all.

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