Conjoined twin boys successfully separated

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Jul 16, 2017

Doctors of Children’s Hospital in Yangon successfully separated Siamese twins at 9 am today after a surgical operation that lasted over two hours, according to the hospital.
        The twins – Sai Hkam and Sai Ngin – are the sons of U Sai Aung and Daw Nang Hkam Nan of Wanhok village in Kengtung Township, eastern Shan State. They were born at Kengtung General Hospital two years ago on 7 March morning.
        The two boys have been under intensive care of Medical Superintendent Dr. Su Su Dway, Professor Dr. Aye Aye (Pediatric Surgeon), Professor Dr. Ye Myint Kyaw (Child Specialist), and Professor Dr. Hla Myat Nwe (Neonatologist) since they were transferred to operation ward I of the Children’s Hospital on 4 May 2015.
        The surgical operation was conducted by surgical operation group 1 led by Dr. Aye Aye (Pediatric Surgeon) and group 2 led by Associate Professor Dr. Nyo Nyo Win (Pediatric Surgeon, Yangon General Hospital) with the help of a number of medical professionals.
        “The boys were joined at the navel. The surgical operation was successful. Currently they are under close care in the operation theatre.
        We will place them in other ward when their situation improves,” said Dr. Aye Aye (Pediatric Surgeon).
        “We never thought that we would have Siamese twins. We thank all the doctors and the medical staff for the successful operation,” said the father. “We conducted medical checks on the twins at different stages and made preparations for the operation,” said Dr. Nyo Nyo Win (Pediatric Surgeon).
        It is the sixth surgical operation on the Conjoined twins at the hospital, and the cost of the operation was born by the State.

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