Increased demand from China raises watermelon prices

Source : Daily Eleven
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Nov 13, 2017

The combination of a high-quality watermelon crop and increased demand from China has raised prices for watermelons above those in October at the fruit wholesale market in Muse 105-mile trading camp.
        “As it is the season for harvesting in Myanmar and local watermelon is of a good quality, the price is increasing and a tonne of watermelon costs more than 1,200 yuan (246,502 kyat),” said Sai Min Thu Naing from Khwa Nyo fruit wholesale at Muse 105-mile trading camp.
        Beginning from early November, a tonne of watermelon cost 2600 yuan to 3000 yuan, with low-grade watermelon going for below 200 yuan per tonne.
        Officials from the wholesale market held an October 18 discussion with Chinese traders about purchasing the fruit. Only Chinese merchants who paid a deposit at the wholesale market will be eligible for a card allowing them to purchase the fruit. Myanmar merchants selling to Chinese merchants who lack the cards will be expelled from the market.
        A source said Chinese merchants who paid a deposit of Yuan 300,000 yuan at the fruit market could buy fruits.

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