Underpricing worries farmers

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Nov 17, 2017

Sugarcane farmers say they are worried about millers trying to pay less than the pre-negotiated prices for their products.
        The farmers have asked MPs to intervene after rumours surfaced that some millers were going to talk down the price of sugarcanes in Pyay District, Bago Region. “The average overall price we asked was Ks50,000 [per tonne] but the millers tried to get the price down to Ks45,000,” said Aye Aye Win, joint secretary of the Myanmar Sugar and Sugar Related Products Merchants and Manufacturer’s Association in Paukkhaung.
        Last year, haggling caused the growers to lower the price from Ks50,000 to Ks43,000 per tonne in western Bago while eastern millers were paying Ks70,000, they claim.
        Regional Bago MP Kyaw Zayya said: “The growers asked us MPs to step in.
       According to my knowledge, the association of farmers and the millers have fixed the price at Ks50,000 a tonne since before cultivation but now some millers have said they will pay only Ks45,000.”
        He promised that Lower House MPs would discuss the issue in Parliament based on evidence from the both sides.
        Pyay District is expected to produce nearly 350,000 tonnes of sugarcanes this year.
        (US$1 = Ks1,350) Translated by Nay Thiha

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