Yangon residents tour Russian destroyer

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Dec 10, 2017

The visiting Russian destroyer, Admiral Panteleyev, the flagship of the Russian Pacific Ocean Fleet, proved a hit with many Yangon residents on December 9. The large anti-submarine ship arrived in Myanmar on December 7 for a three-day goodwill visit, according to the Russian embassy in Myanmar.
        “I had been invited to study the warship once but I didn’t take that opportunity. Now I come here to study it,” said Chan Myae Aung from Hlaing Township.
        “I want to have an experience which I haven’t had before. The weapons are needed for the security of the country. Russia is one of the allies of Myanmar. And I am also interested in navy vessels and weapons,” he said.
        Officers and naval personnel also visited the destroyer, while the ship’s personnel gave tours from 10am to 3pm.
        Kyaw Zin Latt said, “It is a new experience for me and it is not easy for us to study warships,” said Kyaw Zin Latt, who learned about the navy visit on the Internet. “It will be a sign of friendship and showing the unity between allies. Myanmar can build warships of their own design in Southeast Asia but Russia is advanced in technology.”
        Russia displayed weapons on the destroyer for visitors to see A navy delegation led by Chief of Staff (Navy) Maj-General Moe Aung visited the destroyer on December 8. They were welcomed by Rear Admiral Eduard E Mikhaylov and took a group documentary photo before attending a dinner hosted on the destroyer.
        According to an announcement from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Services, the delegation led by the Russian Rear Admiral visited Ayeyawady Naval Regional Command Headquarters on December 7 and met Moe Aung and other senior navy officers. Both sides discussed shared their views on security of navigable channels, and mutual relations between navy officers of both navies and exchange visits of naval ships, according to the announcement. The Admiral Panteleyev is an Udaloy-class destroyer launched in 1988. The 163-metre ship has a maximum speed of 35 knots and can travel 10,500 nautical miles. It is accompanied by the Boris Butoma, a fleet oiler.
        The ships depart Myanmar on December 10.

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