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Apr 20, 2018

Two Myanmar movies named “Night” and “Deception” will be shown again in local cinemas due to the request by the audience.
        Both movies gave different tastes to the audience, and were created by new generation artists.
        Audience said "My niece recommends this movie, so we are here. Only new faces are starred in the movie, and the Director is also new. But it attracts many audiences."
        “Night” was screened in cinemas across the country in July last year. It will be in cinemas again from April 18 to 26 in Yangon and Mandalay and from April 20 to 26 in Mawlamyaing. Plans are underway to show it in the Cinema in Singapore.
        Director, Htoo Pai Zaw Oo said "It’s a huge price for us for getting a chance to show our again in the cinemas. It’s a rare opportunity. We also gain a huge support from the audience. We value it and will try to create more artistic movie in the future."
        The Veteran Director Kyi Soe Tun said it is glad to see the outstanding work of new generation.
        Director, Kyi Soe Tun said "We’ve been experienced such kind of movies showing second and third time in the cinemas. It’s a good potential. But there are less number of cinemas, it is difficult to get the turn."
        “Deception” movie that was screened in Singapore and gained a huge support from the audience will also be shown in the cinemas. The date will be announced in JCGV facebook page, the official from JCGV said.

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