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Jun 03, 2018

Fund raising concert for the aged was held at National Theater in Yangon on Saturday night.
        It was organized by a young song writer Min Ko with the passion of giving assistance to the elders. Not only entertainment by the artistes but also awareness raising to give kind and warm help to the elders were also included.
        Organizer, Fund Raising Concert, Min Ko said “We are going to screen the documentary featuring the activities of the elders living at the Old Age Care Center. As this is the fund raising concert, the tickets price starts from 5,000 kyats to 50,000 kyats. And Bo Bo entertainment is planning to distribute album of this concert nationwide. All the proceeds come from those will be donated to See Sar Yeik Old Age Care Center and Art See Sar Yeik home for aged.”
        Currently, nearly 120 elders are living at the See Sar Yeik Old Age Care Center. The eldest one is 105 years old. Over 90 staff including 50 medical staff are giving health care services for them. See Sar Yeik health care center for the aged has ICU, stroke rehabilitation center and mental ward too.
        Chairperson, See Sar Yeik Old Age Care Center, Than Myint Aung said “See Sar Yeik Old Age Care Center for the aged is founded in 2010. The reason of the establishment is that at the time I was working as the vice-chairperson at welfare association, I went to Shwepyitha and Hlaingthaya townships. There were aged persons treated by their generations without having enough money. I felt so sorry and publish the book about them and got used to talk with my acquaintances. Later on, I got an idea to form an aged center for them.”
        Art See Sar Yeik home for aged came to establish with the efforts of artistes of film, music, literature and dramatic art industries in 2015. For those over aged 90 from these homes for the aged get social pension assistance by the government too.

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