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Jun 11, 2018

The 62-year old Philippine Bayanihan Dance came to Myanmar for the 1st time on Saturday night at National Theatre in Yangon.
        This is a celebration of the 120th anniversary of Philippines Independence - the Philippines declaration of Independence from Spain on June 12, 1898. The Bayanihan, the National Dance Company of the Philippines takes its name from an ancient Filipino tradition called Bayanihan, which means working together for a common good. In 1956 Dr. Helena Z Benitez founded the Bayanihan Folk Dance Group of the Philippine Women’s University.
        Chairperson, Federation of International Dance Festival, Suzie Moya Benitez said “We have more than the number here but we only brought 14 people and four musicians and ten dancers plus me. From our and as a cultural ambassadors coming to Myanmar, we hope and we look forward to work collaborations. Definitely it can soften the relationship in the sense that we can do a lot of collaborative things not only arts and culture, there can be education … there can be business. It's really opening doors for both. Opening doors of opportunities for each country to see there are ways we can do things together”.
        The Bayanihan dance troupe conducted a dance workshop yesterday at National Art School. The students who come to the festival voiced out their thoughts on the dance and said that there are many commonalities between the two countries.
        Third Year Student, State High School of Arts, Theingi Paing said “The Bayanihan dance troop came to our school and taught us how to perform Filipino dance. It's interesting. It demands softness and flexibility. I got fun at the dance workshop. It might be helpful in participating in some dance competitions.”
        Yaway Hnin Htwe said “I have a passion for dance performance so I tried to get permission from my parents to join the Art school. I would like to make some international tours to perform our traditional dance too. If I have a chance, definitely I will make my dreams come true.”
        The Filipino dance troupe will be in Nay Pyi Taw till the 12th this month for a dance workshop and performance.

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