Huge loss of properties in Namt Lan due to heavy rain

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Jun 12, 2018

Due to heavy rain and torrential downpour from mountains in Namt Lan, Thibaw Township in northern Shan State, flooding has occurred in these areas since June 1st.
        Properties were damaged as the water entered houses and warehouses of rice and corn as well as store shops in Namt Lan village. Locals report that four separate occasion of floods had occurred between June 1 to 7.
        “Authorities came and inspected the flooding. The last time was in 2005 that floods occurred. This year is the worst as flooding happened four times in a week. There have been huge losses,” said Sai San Lin, chairman of SNLD.
        Ministry of Social and Welfare and Resettlement provided necessary things for locals as well as donors.
        “About 13 houses were totally destroyed. Rice and Corn warehouses were destroyed as there were no laborers to carry rice and corn bags to safe places. Four or five big stores were flooded too,” said Sai Khin Maung Oo from Namt Lan village.
        Flooding also destroyed transportation and roads.
        There are 11 wards, 5 villages in Namt Lan village tract in which nearly 4000 residents living. About 3445 people from 1214 houses suffered flooding seriously.

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