LaeLar Online Learning App Launches

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Jun 12, 2018

To support education sector in Myanmar, local technological experts launched an online learning application named ‘LaeLar’ on June 5.
        The app will provide over 20 subjects in Burmese.
        “Now, we have 20 teachers teaching over 20 subjects. To enhance the learners’ study, teachers will give the learners assignments and projects. We have plans to make available the Burmese lessons online for foreigners who want to learn Burmese,” U Ye Lin Wai, Founder and CEO of LaeLar Technology Company Limited, said.
        LaeLar platform is based on e-learning systems of Harvard University, Stanford University, MIT and Microsoft and was first introduced as a website; then comes out as a mobile app for both android and iOS and now can be downloaded in Play Store and Apple Store.
        The application provides language programs such as English, Japan, China and Korea; technology program such as Python Programming and MATLAB; and handicraft and vocational program such as making bags, ribbon painting, dying, economic subjects and social skills with reasonable fees. Teachers will guide and prepare assignments and projects for the learners and there will also be forums where learners can discuss various topics.
        Learners can start learning on the platform by buying a package starting from K 7,000, payment can be made through local banks.
        The developers will continue to make the app available for Myanmar people in other countries and now Myanmar people in UK, Singapore, Japan, Korea and Thailand can start using it.

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