District Auditor to Check Yangon Regional Government Investments

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Jun 14, 2018

District auditor told the regional Parliament on June 4 that District Audit Office will audit Yangon Regional Government’s investments such as City Bank, public transportation services and other businesses and will included the result in annual report for 2018.
        Daw Sandar Min, Member of Parliament submitted a proposal to the Regional Parliament urging the district auditor office to audit the regional government’s investments: K 64 billion in City Bank, K70 billion in Public Bus Company and K7.748 billion and to include the result in annual report. The regional Parliament approved the proposal without any objection.
        Daw Khin Than Hla promised the Parliament that her office would hire an outside auditor to audit the investments of the regional government and include the results in annual report for 2018.
        Daw Sandar Min said that it has been two years that the Parliament has approved the investments and the auditor office needs to report the results to them.
        “The company has said that it would announce the financial statement. But Parliament will need to review it,’’ she said.
        Meanwhile, Parliament objected YCDC’s proposal to allocate K 6 billion to invest in City Bank for foreign currencies banking services.

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