Labour Minister Urges Overseas Employment Agencies to Abide Rules and Regulations

Source : Myanmar Business Today
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Jul 04, 2018

In sending workers overseas, U Thein Swe, Union Minister of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population, urges overseas employment agencies to strictly abide the existing Overseas Employment Law, bylaw and procedures, when he met the president and executive members of Overseas Employment Agencies Federation on June 26.
        “Federation needs to act as an example of other agencies. By cooperating with relevant officials of the government, inadvertent problems when sending workers can be avoided and the business become more successful,” he said.
        If agencies are doing right and strictly following the requirements, then the ministry has plans to ease the requirements and inspections, the minister assured the agencies.
        “In order to reduce illegal immigration, government will crackdown illegal overseas employment agents,” U Win Shein, Director General of Labour Department, said inviting agencies cooperating.
        “In sending workers overseas, agencies need to comply with existing laws and procedures and ensure workers have their rights given by the laws. Agencies also needs to serious work on secure transaction of the workers aswell as protecting them,’’ he said.
        According 2014 census, there are two million people working overseas which are 4 percent of the countries population and 6 percent of the workforce in the country.

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