China becoming potential export market for striped catfish

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Jul 06, 2018

THE Myanmar Fisheries Federation (MFF) has strongly suggested that striped catfish should be farmed not only for local consumption but also for export, as China’s consumption of it is remarkably high, becoming a potential export market for the same.
        “Striped catfish has become popular among barbeque vendors at night markets in China.
        It is also one of the main ingredients at the country’s hot pot restaurants. China’s demand on striped catfish is growing, prompting Chinese importers to buy it from Viet Nam.
        For this reason, Viet Nam has hiked its price. Accordingly, we are encouraging traders to farm striped catfish”, said Dr. Myint Sein from the Myanmar Fish Farmers Association.
        There is no need to regularly check the water quality of the striped catfish breeding habitat. Also, any type of aqua feed can be added into the farming ponds. Adding to these advantages, the growth rate of striped catfish is faster than other fish species, and it can also be raised in a small pond.
        Some fishery traders are prepping for striped catfish farming on a commercial scale, as they have been observing its great export potentiality, said U Win Kyaing, general secretary of MFF.
        “Local fishery businesses cannot keep pace with the foreign market. Heavy reliant on domestic market does not produce substantial gains, as fish surplus in the local market results in great loss. At present, the striped catfish market has two advantages: one is the dried fish business for domestic consumption and the other for export. The MFF chair is making preparations for striped catfish farming on an enormous scale aiming for the export market. This is why MFF would like to urge traders to extend striped catfish cultivation businesses”, he maintained.
        “Some traders are preparing to export scraped striped catfish meat to China. However, China always observes the market before committing itself.
        At present, we cannot supply the exact fish sizes that they want,” said U San Htike, a fish breeder.
        Last year, striped catfish businesses were not doing good.
        Now, it‘s a different story. An MFF delegation went on a study tour to striped catfish farms in Viet Nam last April. Myanmar still lags far behind many other supplier foreign countries in insufficient capital investment and in using advanced farming technology.

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