Myanmar and Laos to combat illegal trading together

Source : Daily Eleven
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Jul 10, 2018

YANGON- Myanmar-Laos Central Level frontier Committee will be carrying out measures against the illegal trade including drugs and arms dealings amongst others,, according to the committee.
        The Central Level frontier Committee among Myanmar and Laos (Myanmar Side) was formed in April involving with public militia and directorate of border guard forces, International and Internal Affairs Department under the defence ministry, Border Crossing Crime Department under the Myanmar Police Force, Commander-in-Chief (navy) and (army), Military Attaches including Navy and Air forces, Golden Triangle Command Headquarter, Vientiane City of Laos, Military Strategy Group based in Tachileik, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Home Affairs.
        The committee aims to share views concerning complex issues in the conflicts and current changes which impacts the regional tranquility and security, peace in border areas between Myanmar and Laos and to boost preventive measures against security sectors including trans border crimes such as drug dealing, human trafficking, illegal migration, smuggling of wild animals and natural resources, antiques as well as arms, rule of laws along the border areas between the two countries.
        The committee also do not allow living and movements of terrorists and destructive elements in the vicinity of respective border boundaries.
        They also aim to safeguard boundary posts between Myanmar and Laos, to redesignate location of boundary posts, to make feasibility survey for renovation and building of posts if needed, to provide humanitarian aid for those living in the border areas and to participate in the natural disaster affairs.

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