Internal conflicts handed down to us so far, but we need to pay special attention to avoiding grudge

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Jul 11, 2018

It is required to pay special attention to keeping away from grudge as international conflicts have been handed down as an evil legacy so far, said Union Minister Kyaw Tint Swe of the Ministry of State Counsellor Office, Vice-Chairman of Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee (UPDJC).
        The remarks of the minister came from the 16th meeting of the UPDJC held in Nay Pyi Taw on July 9.
        “Those created armed conflicts are not those who are sitting here. The conflicts have been handed down to us until now. But we need to pay attention to keeping away from grudge. The root cause of the conflict is political problem. Blaming and criticism cannot support in solving the problem. Internal armed conflicts have not been stopped in our country so far.
        “The UPDJC is not the group creating the problem, but to try to solve it. We would like to request those who are entering the UPDJC hall to take lessons from the past and to embrace the future. In this state, all that matters is to approach democratic and federal fundamentals,” said Union Minister Kyaw Tint Swe.
        The democratic federal Union that is going to appear in the future will represent different political beliefs. How to build the Union will depend upon ideas and designs of different groups. But it is not easy enough for them to have same expectations. Similarities must be taken out from diversities. In laying down common agreements, they might not have all they want as they expected, said Union Minister Kyaw Tint Swe.
        “It is known to all that ethnics are suffering the most evil effects of civil war. We are only the ethnics who would like to end the civil war immediately. The entire people also want peace. For this the UPDJC has taken up the duty assigned by the history. This committee is not the one that holds the meeting sometimes. It is also to seek the solution, “said Dr Salai Hlyan Hmone Sar Khaung.
        The ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) early reported that the democratic federal Union should be built for enabling the Union to see peace when they signed the Union accord. The EAOs already presented reports on an eight-point principle at the first meeting of the Union Peace Conference also known as the 21st Century Panglong Conference. The UPDJC is trying one principle after another to see success. The Union accord is the most important to be able to build the Union capable of giving guarantees in future politics of the ethnics.

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