WWF to supply off-grip solar power for 1,000 households in Kayin and Taninthayi

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Aug 08, 2018

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is planning to supply off-grip solar power for about 1,000 households from nine villages in Kayin State and Taninthayi region in this year, said Manager Shun So Oo from energy department of the WWF (Myanmar) on August 7.
        “If the state and region governments led the project, we will provide help with great amount. About 750 households from six villages in Taninthayi region and 250 households in Kayin State will have solar power,” he said.
        He continued energy is much needed in Myanmar and they will provide help if the government organize it.
        “Myanmar is still a least developed country and we issued a report about clean energy by cooperating with government organizations and civic organizations to learn how to produce electricity in 2017. We are giving education to 22 government staffs with a two-year project to handle renewable energy,” he said.
        There are organizations from Europe which planned to aid millions of dollars to develop renewable energy in Myanmar. At the present, the WWF, governments from Denmark and Sweden, businessmen and technical experts are providing funds and technologies.
        About 70 per cent of population in Myanmar are not accessed to national grid and if the renewable energies such as power generated from solar panels, wind turbines and gas turbines, can be used, it can implement 100% clean energy project in the future.

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