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Aug 09, 2018

Aiming to mark the 15th anniversary of Gitameit Music Institute, a Pwe Khinn Tha music concert was organized with the performances of students from the institute in Yangon, Sunday.

Gitameit Music Institute was formed since 2003 to help Myanmar talent young musicians for their dreams to come true. Apparently, they annually held the music workshops, training, concert shows led by international musicians.

In the concert, the students from Yangon and Mandalay Gitameit Music institute, Yangon University of arts and culture will play and perform with classical guitar, Epic quartet, and United colours of strings.

Vocal faculty, Gitameit Music Institute, Htun Htun said “And every year, we organized the celebration with singing and music performances. We keep doing another music activity to nurture the talented musicians. We featured Myanmar music and western classic songs along with the concert.”

Over 20 participants performed with 15 classical songs and mixed Myanmar traditional songs.

Strings player, Thet Su Oo said “It’s good for the young musicians because we can learn new different things from the international musicians. They guided us in terms of instruments.”

The festival aims to create an environment for Myanmar musicians to work together under the guidance of international artists.

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