Roads connecting between Falam and Tiddim need repairs

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Sep 14, 2018

Roads connecting between Falam and Tiddim to Reh Khaw Da are damaged and needs to be repaired, said MP Zon Lyan Htan of No.4 Constituency of Chin State on September 12.
        He said, “The road connecting between Falam and Rih is full of dust in the summer and mud in the rainy season. It was widely used during Burma Socialist Programme Party era to trade with India. I want to urge the government to improve the road too as the government is repairing roads across the country.”
        Kyaw Lin, Deputy Minister for Construction clarified that the ministry will be paving roads, building a bridge with iron and concrete reinforcement amongst other repair works in 2018-19 FY depended on a state budget. Although the repairing work of Tiddim-Rih road will be done with the help of India, it has yet to begin while the road gets damaged more and more in each monsoon.
        “The road is badly damaged in rainy season especially near Mansaung and Loiti. Small cars and passenger buses are facing difficulties to getting past. We are losing profits the whole of the rainy season,” said Naing Naing, supervisor of Pyi Chit Thar car gate. Falam-Rih road has 64 miles 2 furlongs in length and Tiddim-Rih road has about 30 miles in length.
        “The road condition in this year is not that bad like last year. Some portions of the road which are badly damaged are in the entrance road of Mansaung Bridge and roads in the villages. We haven’t had much difficulty but it will be better if the authorities repair the road,” said driver Khwar La.

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