Myanmar fresh green tea leaf will be export to US market soon

Source : Daily Eleven
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Sep 22, 2018

Myanmar organic green tea leaf export will begin at the end of September. Myanmar has exported fresh green tea leaf to United States since 2015. Myanmar has exported nearly 20 tons of green tea leaf per year. For 2018, 17 tons will be exported.

“Every year in June or July, we export Myanmar organic green tea leaf. Previously, we didn’t need to get local FDA approval. We export from United States’ FDA approval. This year, we had to wait FDA result and some time delayed. When exporting to foreign countries, we have to export the best quality raw materials,” said Director Rupa of Yatha Wati Company.

For exporting internationally, a model factory was built in Namt Sam in Shan State. In cooperation with tea plant farmers, disseminating of technology have been carried out together with Tea Plant growers association.

Currently, 80 percent of tea leaf were sold at domestic market and only 20 percent are organic products and only 10 percent are sold to foreign market.

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