Gunman Kyi Lin says mastermind in advocate’s murder is Myint Swe

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Sep 22, 2018

Gunman Kyi Lin said that the person who ordered him to assassinate advocate Ko Ni was Myint Swe.
        Kyin Lin and two co-accused appeared at the 78th hearing at Yangon North District Court on September 21.
        After the court hearing gunman Kyi Lin said to media as his prison van was leaving the court that the mastermind behind the case was Myint Swe.
        “Myint Swe’s photo has been shown. He is from Mandalay and he is staying in Maesod after getting married. He ordered me to kill advocate Ko Ni by intimidating me,” Kyi Lin said.
        In his testimony at the court on July 12, Kyi Lin said that he had to kill advocate Ko Ni after he was intimidated and ordered to do so by Myint Swe. He testified at court that he first refused to do the job but he was compelled to do it after Myint Swe intimidated him and his family.

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