Miss Universe Sagaing 2017 Yun Sett Paing died of car accident

Source : Daily Eleven
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Sep 24, 2018

Yun Sett Paing, Miss Universe Sagaing 2017, has died from a car accident in Mandalay according to No-3 Police station on September 23.
        According to sources, a car accident occurred between 20 street, 58 street and 59 street in Mandalay, on 4;00 am on September 23. A vehicle driven by Yun Sett Paing (21 years old) collided with a big pile of sand on the road side. She was seen flung over on the pavement with wounds on her head, bleeding out from the nose and had died on the way to Mandalay Hospital, according to the Police record. She was awarded as Miss Universe Sagaing in 2017.

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