Some portions of Dawei-Htikhi road damage again

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Sep 25, 2018

Some portions of Dawei-Htikhi road has been damaged again in Dawei district, Taninthayi Region while the ITD Company, a company running the road under BOD agreement, repaired them.
        ITD repaired the road from August 31 using machinery and Road Department and some donors provided help. Although the road is repaired in a portion of road between Myitta and Htikhi, it is damaged again as ten-wheeled trucks are using the road. Some trucks have to be towed using tractors, according to locals.
        “The road was damaged again after two or three ten-wheeled cold-storage trucks used the road daily. The road became better after the company repaired it. But the trucks are big and they carried heavy tons of cargos. They also carried fish in freezer. It can be damaged again if more rain pours down,” said Pyae Zaw Hein.
        The company dug earth from beside the road and piled them on the holes of the road. They only used stones in some places. While smaller cars can use the road, it wasn’t ready for big trucks. The road was also blocked for a long time as trucks had sunk into the rain-made bogs, which had to be towed out with tractors.
        Most of the cars travelling Myitta-Htikhi road are four-wheel drive cars alongside overloaded trucks with overweight loads.
        Some travellers had to spent overnight on the roads if tractors were not ready to pull the trucks that became stuck. In some places, the road level had decreased to about five feet from original level.
        More rain poured down in Dawei since the start of rainy season and landslides also occurred on Dawei-Htikhi road from July.

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