FU Yuen garment worker strike continues

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Oct 08, 2018

FU Yuen workers staged a protest in front of Mahabandoola Park in Yangon on the afternoon of October 7, calling on the authority to immediately handle the unfair sacking of workers.
        Political activists and members other labour unions supporting FU Yuen garment workers in Dagon Seikkan Industrial Zone participated in the protest. They marched from Mahabandoola Park to Latha Township commissioner office.
        Aung Myint, a protest supporter said: “On August 20, the FU Yuen garment fired 30 workers from the labour union illegally. Sacked workers have been staging the protest for 48 days. Protest leaders submitted the complaint letters to respective administrative bodies. The dispute remains unresolved even though we have discussed it with officials seven times. Myanmar workers face oppression in Thailand and Malaysia also. The incumbent government has not solved the unfair dismissal of workers by foreign employer yet.”
        Protestors chanted: “The government is urged to immediately solve the dispute, take action against employer that orchestrated a crackdown the labour union and enact laws that protect the labour rights as quickly as possible.”
        October 2, the FU Yuen Garment Worker Protest Committee issued a statement, calling for the labour department and the ministry to take effective action against the employer according to the provisions of the Labour Organizations Law 2011.

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