Myanmar’s bushido to fight Keanu Subba of Malaysia

Source : Myanmar Times
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Oct 12, 2018

Nicknamed ‘Bushido’, the unbeaten 33-year-old mixed martial artist (6-0) from Yangon, will meet Malaysian fighter Keanu Subba (6-3) on October 26 at Thuwana Indoor Stadium. Keanu Subba becomes second foreign opponent for Phoe Thaw whose front kick knocked out Cambodian fighter Sor Sey last February. Phoe Thaw spoke with The Myanmar Times on October 10 about his preparation, ambition and efforts.
        Why you have disappeared from the arena for the last seven months?
        I got injury during my training that’s why I have taken a temporary rest from the fight.

        How about your preparation for the next fight?
        I’m training a real hard now in Cambodia for this fight. I’ll keep doing this as much as I can.

        What do you think about your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses?
        My opponent is an experienced fighter. He is powerful, fast and a strategist. He hasn’t much weakness.

        So, is it tough opponent than your previous opponents?
        I watched his previous fights. He was against fights with talented opponents like a Christian Lee from Singapore.
        Even though he lost to Lee, I could fight very well. So I need to be more cautious and careful in this fight.

        Are you satisfied with your preparations?
        I’m not satisfied with my current training and also I’ll never be satisfied myself in future.
        I always try to make things better. However, I’ll continue to do best preparing in the remaining days.

        You are an unbeaten fighter. Do you have any pressure on this point?
        Not worried much about it. Unbeaten record isn’t pressure. It’s the strength for me.

        Are you going to be seen a different Phoe Thaw?
        I’m preparing to be a more stable fighter and improving everything. It’s depending on the conditions and maybe different finishing style.

        Anything you would like to say to your Myanmar fans?
        Win or lose, the spectators should encourage the efforts of athletes. I want to request to support not only me but also my opponent.

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