Myanmar Fishery Federation will Implement 100 Acre Project for Fish Farming

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Oct 17, 2018

Myanmar Fishery Federation will establish a private company to farm a signal species of fish, 100 acres will be set aside to farm Rohu, which is part of the carp family.
        “Before, we thought about implementing the 1,000-acre project, but after second thought, we decided that it would be more appropriate to implement 100 an acre project under private company. As we want it as a demonstration. We will invest K20 billion. The remaining K20 billion will be from government or credit,’’ Daw Toe Nandar Tin, Vice President of MFF, said. There are 100 acres of fishery ponds in Pantanaw Township, Ma-u Bin District, Ayayarwaddy Region, and the project will breed Rohu which has strong potential market, especially for export to China.
        Now, it is now open for investors who can invest up to K100 million per individual starting from October 30. “It’s even late to do it. This project is meant to boost Myanmar’s fishery breeding sector. Since, other fish species can also be bred in the project apart from the project, we need everyone’s participation,’’ U Win Kyaing, Secretary of MFF, said.
        The project will be implemented as a demonstration and is expected to lure other breeders by its success.

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