Palm tower draws local, foreign tourists

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Jan 12, 2019

A PALM tower built beside the palm tree forest on the Kyaukpadaung- NyaungU Road is attracting local and foreign travellers, said U Ba Nyar, a jaggery shop owner.
          “Long ago, the small shops alongside Kyaukpadaung-Bagan- NyaungU were huts. Now, the shops have become big structures.
          Dried palm-leaf shelters have been constructed in addition to the palm tower to attract local and foreign travellers,” he added.
          The palm shops sell only products made of palm. They also demonstrate traditional skills such as climbing palm trees and making jaggery, palm boxes and chairs, and traditional medicines.
          “Tourists have shown an interest in observing the brewing of palm wine and the making of jaggery. They are willing to sample the bitter tasting sap from toddy-palm spathe and sweet tasting jaggery,” he said.
          “Tourists usually visit the palm forest in the morning and go to the Bagan cultural zone in the evening. Local and foreign tourists like to eat coconut jaggery.
          Local people use 150 coconuts daily to produce coconut jaggery. During the holiday season, the locals make coconut jaggery using 700 coconuts,” said U Ba Nyar.

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