Chinese firm seeks to build a theatre in Bagan

Source : Myanmar Times
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Apr 07, 2019

A chinese company is interested in building a theatre in the Bagan heritage zone in Mandalay Region, according to the Department of Archaeology and National Museum in Bagan.

Officials of the Yunnan Culture Industry Investment Holding Co visited Bagan in late March to discuss constructing and opening a theatre. Their objective is to cooperate with resident artists, including ethnic people, to enhance the culture and heritage of Bagan, said U Aung Aung Kyaw, director of the department.

“They came here to make a preliminary study. Our rules, regulations, procedures and the nature of our cultural heritage were explained to them. In Bagan, after sight-seeing in the daytime, there is nothing to do at night, so from a tourism point of view, there might be a need for such a theatre. There are both good and bad points about the idea,” he said.

The company, which is run by the Chinese government, is the largest tourism operator in China. It already operates a theatre in Angkor Wat, Cambodia, and other cultural cooperation programmes, which have entertained about two million people from over 50 countries in nine years, according to the department.

The company discussed ways to boost tourism in Bagan, the rules and regulations of tourism in Myanmar, and full compliance with the country’s laws.

The country’s tourism can be improved with better accommodations and catering services though the cooperation of local people without affecting the cultural heritage of the region, according to a statement released by the department.

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