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5229. Government “intentionally and recklessly” restricting freedom of expression: Athan
5228. Chin State is not ‘stable and secure’
5227. Six dead in fire at Rohingya camp in Myanmar
5226. Canal pirates shot dead in police ambush
5225. Myanmar’s gas production dilemma
5224. President gives directive to Yangon Region Government regarding Eleven Media case
5223. UN Security Council to meet over Myanmar report
5222. UWSA expels more Catholics
5221. Court examines prosecutor in Eleven Media journalists’ case
5220. Poachers sentenced to three years for killing elephant
5219. Special appeal over 54 University Avenue filed by State Counsellor’s brother
5218. Two fighter jets crash in Sagu, killing three
5217. International White Cane Day event uplifts spirit of the disabled
5216. Myanmar Fishery Federation will Implement 100 Acre Project for Fish Farming
5215. Pride of Myanmar Awards Starts to Recognize Individuals and Groups in Myanmar
5214. Royal Konbong descendants marks 140th anniversary of King Mindon demise
5213. Tiger house gets blue plaque
5212. Killing of monk causes outrage in Shan State
5211. Demonstration supporting Tatmadaw held at Maha Bandoola Square
5210. Wirathu hits back at UN, international community
5209. Government, NCA signatories hold preliminary meeting
5208. 35-year-old fisherman losses lag in crocodile attack in Bogalay
5207. PEN calls for release of arrested Eleven Media Group journalists
5206. MPC denounces Yangon regional government’s charge against three senior journalists of Weekly Eleven
5205. Hanthawady U Win Tin Foundation clinic in need of funds and medicine
5204. Truckers strike over partial truck ban in Yangon
5203. Yangon Region government explains arrest of journalists from Eleven Media
5202. Refugee family makes rare return to Myanmar from Bangladesh
5201. Macao granted visa-free access to Myanmar
5200. UWSA imposes restrictions on Christians
5199. TNLA agrees to release Nan Mo Hom
5198. 12-wheeled truck laden with hundreds of illegal jade stones seized in Kyaukme
5197. MP Kyaw Zeya to testify as defendant witness in the case against EMG journalists
5196. Hyacinths overgrowth in Taung Thaman Lake hinder small boats
5195. Eight States and Regions may get more rain due to depression
5194. Father and child killed by falling banyan tree in Mandalay
5193. Polish-funded fire engines arrive in Myanmar
5192. Cyclone “TITLI” to intensify within 24 hrs
5191. Ancient engraving can be explored at Kyay Myin Monastery in Mandalay
5190. 100 years old cameras to be exhibited in Yangon
5189. Nationalist writer jailed for two years for defaming state
5188. Ethnic Rakhines protest outside Myanmar embassy in Tokyo
5187. Myanmar to hold investment fairs to spur development
5186. Gambling shops become hub of drug users in Shan
5185. FU Yuen garment worker strike continues
5184. Yangon New World Project, Mya Yeik Nyo hotel services already suspended
5183. Legislation in the works to regulate multi-level marketing
5182. Myanmar may lose EU trade privileges
5181. Former information minister call for Reuters retrial
5180. UWSA releases 100 ethnic Wa Christians