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Ruthless meth networks get ill-prepared Myanmar hooked
GENERAL Feb 22, 2019
Mobs of stick-wielding church-goers in Myanmar's northeast used to descend on dealers and addicts in a desperate effort to save their communities from a meth-induced health crisis sweeping the countr... 18

Myanmar Trade Center to Open in Hainan in April
BUSINESS Feb 22, 2019
The Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization under the Ministry of Commerce will open a Myanmar Trade Center in Hainan, China in April this year in order to boost Myanmar’s value-added products export t... 16

The teak kingpin and corruption in the timber trade
BUSINESS Feb 22, 2019
YANGON — A Hong Kong man who became a shadowy teak kingpin and made millions of dollars from corrupt trade in the coveted timber paid for the overseas education of top officials in Myanmar’s rulin... 10

Third group of Myanmar refugees return home from Thailand with UNHCR support
GENERAL Feb 22, 2019
This week more than 500 refugees in Thailand are expected to return to south-eastern Myanmar as part of a voluntary repatriation process led by the Royal Thai Government and the Government of the Uni... 9

Tatmadaw MPs join amenment talks
GENERAL Feb 22, 2019
A Group of Tatmadaw (military) MPs on Thursday registered to participate in the joint committee set up to amend the controversial 2008 Constitution. “Our eight Tatmadaw MPs have registered t... 9

56th Gems Emporium to be Held in Naypyidaw
LATEST Feb 20, 2019
56th Gems and Jewelry Emporium will be held at Maniyadanar Jade Hall in Naypyidaw from March 11 to 20, according to the Ministry of Resource and Environmental Conservation. The emporium will exhibi... 38

Myanmar to Build Charging Stations Across the Country
GENERAL Feb 20, 2019
U Khin Maung Cho, Union Minister of the Ministry of Industry, said at the Pyithu Hluttaw session that it is planning to build 49 charging stations for electronic vehicles on the Yangon-Mandalay-Naypyi... 34

Rakhine State Parliament to discuss the proposal on more IDP assistance
GENERAL Feb 20, 2019
Rakhine State Parliament yesterday decided to make continued discussion over the proposal urging the Rakhine State government to provide assistance to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) displaced by... 47

Beware of Facebook, abuse of Section 66(d): digital forum
GENERAL Feb 20, 2019
Myanmar needs to address the spread of fake news on social media by empowering local journalists, providing freer access to information, and pushing for more responsible and conscientious use of t... 27

Myanmar military denies AA accusation over civilian vehicles use
GENERAL Feb 20, 2019
The Myanmar military on Tuesday denied an accusation by the Arakan Army that it has been using passenger buses and cars to transport its troops in western Myanmar’s Rakhine state, where the two for... 32

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