Mandalay cancels annual Taungbyone festival in August
GENERAL Jun 30, 2020
Mandalay will not celebrate the traditional Taungbyone Festival, one of the most popular events in the country, as the government slowed the reopening of the country due to the persistent rise of CO... 8936

Myanmar Election Commission Rebuffs Military-Backed Party, Upholds Use of National Hero’s Image
GENERAL Jun 30, 2020
YANGON—Myanmar’s Union Election Commission (UEC) said Saturday that there is no law prohibiting the use of pictures of late national hero General Aung San—the father of State Coun... 10928
Deterioration worsen in ancient city Moe Nae in Shan State
GENERAL Jun 30, 2020
In order to promote tourism in Shan State, an ancient city Moe Nae, in southern Shan State, has been submitted for the second time to recognize as ancient cultural city to Shan State chief minister b... 5883
Myanmar Govt Vows Legal Action Against Fake News Sites
GENERAL Jun 30, 2020
The government will take legal action against those who run fake news pages after disinformation about the ruling National League for Democracy and a senior President’s Office official spread... 5661
Myanmar survey finds limited understanding among citizens of democracy, federalism
GENERAL Jun 30, 2020
Myanmar’s political reforms and steps taken by the NLD government over the past four years would come under scrutiny during the forthcoming elections. There is no doubt that at this moment Daw... 5835

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