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Police seizes WY tablets worth over Ks50 M in Taungoo
Source : Daily Eleven View Count : 17
Aug 16, 2019

Police found about 20,000 WY tablets, ownerless, inside a vehicle in Taungoo on August 14, according to No.1 Taungoo Township police station.

“We don’t know who the WY tablets belong to and we are still investigating the case,” said a police officer.

The police had received a tip-off about a suspect vehicle parked at the corner of Panchitakha and Kyonepat road.

The police found two packets inside the vehicle and they found 19,780 WY tablets inside them. They are still inquiring who owned the vehicle, according to police records.

The police filed the case under Section 19 (d)/ 20 (a) of the Narcotics Drug and Psychotropic Substance Law.

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