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Apr 28, 2019

This year the first ever Korean R&B Concert will be coming to Myanmar! K-Wonder Music Festival is coming to The One Entertainment Event Park on 3rd of May 2019. The event will be from 6PM onwards.

Attendees will be able to enjoy top Korean R&B hits, OST and the local artist’s performances. The objective of the K-Wonder Concerts is to provide the best from the Korean Music Industry to Myanmar. Concert goers will be able to experience this world wide phenomenon of this popular culture in their home town. Each concert will focus on a different genre of music. Concert-goers will also be able to enjoy the local artists’ performances in these concerts as well. The event in May will be the first ever Korean R&B Concert in Myanmar. The upcoming event in October will be with popular K-Idol groups and is expected to be even bigger.

Tickets can be purchased online from MOGOZAY, Myanmore, TIcketbox and RGO47. Physical ticket outlets include Royal Jasmine, Wonderland and Pearl Condo, Beer Factory x Attic, Urban Cue, Vista Rooftop Bar, Harry’s Bar, Terminal 5 Bar and Grill, Mr. Chef, and WOW Balloons. Advance ticket sales are priced as follows, GA K35,000. PGA K45,000. VIP K70,000.

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