Loikaw police bans farmers from ploughing

Source : Daily Eleven
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Jun 19, 2019

LOIKAW-About 50 police members banned farmers from ploughing on confiscated military-owned land near Lwetamu village in Loikaw Township, Kayah State yesterday afternoon.

Nearly 100 farmers confronted the police, causing the police to leave the farmland.

The Light Infantry Unit 250 and Artillery 260 planted the signboards written “Military-owned Land” and “No Trespassing”. But, the farmers supposedly still worked on the farmland as they were lands allegedly owned by ancestors of the farmers.

“As farmers were prohibited from ploughing, I think that the farmers were ordered not to have rice. In my opinion, the farmers utilize their rights to do their agribusiness,” said Khu Tuu Ral, Chairman of Karenni Farmers Union.

Moreover, the members of Karenni Farmers Union, members of Students Union and karenni youths supported the first collective ploughing event held on May 31st.

The Light Infantry Unit and the Artillery had stationed at the confiscated land since 28 years ago. However, the villages in Loikaw Township had been situated before stationing of the military, according to the town-elders.

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