Magway region holds tree planting ceremony for cooler temperatures

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Jun 19, 2019

MAGWAY-With the goal of reducing temperatures, a tree planting ceremony was held yesterday in Chauk and Yenanchaung Townships which are the two hottest zones in Magway Region.

The Magway Region Chief Minister and his counterparts, the speaker and vice-speaker of Magway Region parliament and MPs, Zin Wine, Chairman of Myanmar Motion Picture Organization, film stars, departmental personnel, political parties and locals attended the event and they grew more saplings.

The Myanmar Motion Picture Organization and other social welfare associations donated cash for the ceremony.

Actor Nay Htoo Naing said that plans were underway to grow 100,000 saplings in Chauk, Yenanchaung, Minbu and Gantgaw Townships where there have been record temperatures this summer reaching 47 degrees Celsius.

Under the supervision of Sayardaw U Taw Tha Na (USA), Patron of Chauk Township Association, actor Nay Htoo Naing and party implemented the tree planting program in Chauk Township and they aimed to pour water, to feed the fertilizers and to maintain the saplings until three years.

“I’m very glad to see trees being planted. I have never seen such active participation in the tree planting ceremony. Tree planting plays a vital role in the country because of climate change. The event conducts the educative talk for the public so people are very interested in tree plantings. So, I thank the locals for participation,” Dr Aung Moe Nyo, Magway Region’s Chief Minister told the Daily Eleven.

The Magway Region Government Committee donated 20,000 saplings for tree planting ceremony and they instructed the Forest Department to closely cooperate in growing of saplings, according to Dr Aung Moe Nyo.

Zin Wine spoke thanks at the opening ceremony of tree planting held in Chauk Township. He also said that the members of Myanmar Motion Picture Association helped the locals in growing the trees. It was aimed for pre-movement of 100th year anniversary of Myanmar Motion Picture Industry which will fall on 13th October 2020.

Myanmar faces the record high temperatures this summer which had spurred many green movements across the country.

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