Yangon Stock Exchange Hits K1.3 Billion in June

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Jul 23, 2019

The five listed companies trading on the Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) hit K1.3 billion in June, the highest amount of trading was seen by First Myanmar Investment (FMI) and Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holding (MTSH), whose share prices increased.

However, trading for the five listed companies namely First Myanmar Investment, Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holding, Myanmar Citizen Bank, First Private Bank and TMH was K1 million lower than it was in May.

Over 43,000 shares of FMI were traded at K11,500 per share with the total trading volume of K520 million while over 141,000 shares of MTSH were traded at K3,400 per share with a total amount of K437 million.

Myanmar Citizen Bank’s share was priced at K7,900 per share and First Private Bank’s share at K24,000 and TMH’s at K3,050.

The analyses of Yangon Stock Exchange’s monthly report reveal that the trading of the three listed companies was K370 million.

Yangon Stock Exchange was launched in December 2015 with K32 billion in paid-up capital with 30 percent (K9.68 billion) of it being owned by Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd., 18 percent (K6 billion) owned by Japan Exchange Group, Inc., and 51 percent (K16.32 billion) by Myanma Economic Bank.

According to data published by the Yangon Stock Exchange, this year marks the lowest trading in three years.

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