Rakhine’s first coconut processing factory to open in Manaung

Source : Daily Eleven
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Nov 23, 2019

The first coconut processing factory, to produce six kinds of finished products, for Rakhine State will be opened in Manaung soon.

“It will be a good opportunity for Manaung as it can create about 250 job opportunities and it will be beneficial for coconut tree owners. The cultivators can also plant ginger and pineapple. We will give salaries as dictated by the government,” said project manager Aung Than.

The factory is built by Mya Ayar Company and its subsidiary, Manaung Yadanar Company, based in Manaung will take charge of the factory.

The company buys coconuts from Manaung and nearby towns with Ks110 per coconut. The factor is building in a place near Zeekone Village about three miles away from Manaung. The construction of the factory is about 80 per cent finished and will be opened soon.

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