Central bank to circulate ‘Bogyoke Aung San’ 1000-Kyat note

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Dec 22, 2019

The Central Bank of Myanmar will circulate 1000-Kyat currency notes starting 4 January next year, according to the State-owned Myanmar Radio and Television.

The CBM is working to issue new currency notes bearing the image of the National Leader and independence icon Bogyoke (General) Aung San.

With the image of Bogyoke Aung San, the banknote is 150 mm long and 70 mm wide. The prominent colour of the 1,000-Kyat banknote is blue. At the upper part of the note, the “CENTRAL BANK OF MYANMAR” is printed.

On the front of the banknote, the image of Bogyoke Aung San is printed and the value of the note “1000 Kyats in Myanmar language is inserted on the right side of the note. K 1000 is also printed in the remaining three corners of the note.

The value of the note in Myanmar is inserted horizontally and the value of the note in English is inserted vertically. The note bears the watermark image of Bogyoke Aung San is inserted on its left side. The security thread is vertically embedded.

The image of the Parliamentary building is printed on the back of the note, and “CENTRAL BANK OF MYANMAR: is inserted on the top of the note and “ONE THOUSAND KYATS” is seen on the lower part of the note. At three corners of the note, the value of the currency note is mentioned in the figures.

The existing 1,000-Kyats note which is in circulation will continue to be legal tender currency.

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