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Business News
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2001. Chicken prices causing difficulties for local breeders
2000. Entrepreneurs call for removal of crab fishing ban due to COVID-19
1999. Myanmar Postpones Gem Emporium Amid Coronavirus Scare
1998. Thousands of workers left jobless after the suspension of crab exports to China
1997. YUPT will satisfy shareholder demands: YRTA joint-secretary
1996. Myanmar’s First Livestock Expo to Be Held in May
1995. Mandalay authorities to take action against illegal gold miners
1994. Myanmar govt to increase licence fees of employment agencies
1993. Western Union cuts ties with Myawaddy Bank
1992. Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Back for a Second Year
1991. Central bank to circulate ‘Bogyoke Aung San’ 1000-Kyat note
1990. Onion tears
1989. Average inflation rate continues to rise
1988. FDI at production sector exceeds $ 11.5 bln
1987. SME Bank to Provide Unsecured Loans to SMEs
1986. Rakhine’s first coconut processing factory to open in Manaung
1985. Lottery ticket price increases due to other expenses: sale agents
1984. Nay Pyi Taw authority to sell cheap land to boost population
1983. Indian onion export ban good news for Myanmar
1982. Trade routes in Shan cut off again by clashes
1981. Fear stoked by Chinese-funded port and SEZ in Myanmar's Rakhine
1980. Yoma to acquire an additional stake in Wave Money
1979. Mandalay raises maximum property value to K18 billion
1978. Gold price dips below K1.2 mln in domestic market tracking global cues
1977. As remittance market reaches saturation, mobile money keeps growing
1976. Fuel imports exceed $ 180 m in one month
1975. Bangkok Condo Expo to offer Installment Payment plans
1974. Myanmar Grants Commercial Tax Exemption for 14 Embassies
1973. Domestic gold price reaches K1.22 mln; global gold pegged at $1,492
1972. Singapore Ambassador discusses Myanmar relations and trade
1971. Slowing demand, supply glut at Muse gate drive down watermelon prices
1970. Starbucks Extends Preparation Period for Myanmar Investment
1969. Myanmar Grants Commercial Tax Exemption for 14 Embassies
1968. Myanmar showcases its products at STYLE Bangkok
1967. KBZPay Facilitates $1.8 Million Transactions
1966. Peace process must address natural resources governance: Forest Trends
1965. Rice Exports to China Decrease Due to Stricter Policies
1964. Mottama to Lease Space in M Tower by 2020
1963. MAEX Prepares to File at Yangon Stock Exchange
1962. Myanmar coffee producers seek to expand export markets
1961. Seintalone mango growers in Bogale Township get good prices
1960. Ample Fish Supply Causes Prices to Sink
1959. Myanmar Plans to Export Gold Leaf and Gold Bars
1958. Trade Companies Failing to Register Will be Banned: Ministry of Commerce
1957. Microfinance and Insurance Laws Expected Next Year
1956. Property Tax Generates K43 Billion
1955. Demand sees gold prices surge to nearly K1.3million
1954. Bank collapse rumour is false : State Counsellor
1953. Gold Association Warns Against Trading Based on Oral Contracts
1952. Withholding Tax Lowers Golds Potential